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kan (Chinese)ji (characters)

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What's a kanji? A quick guide to kanji's place in the grand scheme of things
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Hi there and welcome to my Kanji Extravanganza. This may appear to be a fiendishly-inventive and well-produced website to help you, the learner of Japanese, to master kanji but in fact it's just something I do to keep myself off street corners.

The following pages will help you learn the kanji you need for each level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, held in December of each year.

Alternatively you can just browse, looking at whichever kanji you want to. Either is fine with me.

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Last updated Sunday 7 May 2000: JLPT Level 2 kanji lists
New features over the coming weeks: Detailed JLPT level 2 kanji information; More Level 3 verbs; More indexing features; Hiragana & Katakana; Stroke counts

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