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kan (Chinese)ji (characters)

The Kanji SITE

Kanji Self-Indulgent Tripe Extravaganza

Another site from the people at SITE

The Kanji SITE has moved to a new home:

That's right; The Kanji SITE now has its own, catchy domain name: The new site has no pop-up adverts to distract you, so please bookmark the new homepage and use it from now on.

The information contained in the new site is the same as before, and will continue to expand as my free time permits.

This tripod address will remain on-line as a backup site, but it will not be updated any further, so you should go and bookmark the new address and use that one instead from now on. If for some reason you insist on the older advert-saturated version, then you can reach it here. But I promise that the new one is much nicer, really.

Mailing list subcribers do not need to re-subscribe; the mailing list is unchanged by the move. However please be aware that the old e-mail address has been replaced by the sexier so please update your address book.

Any questions? Mail me:

See you at the new place - and thanks for using The Kanji SITE.


Chris @ The Kanji SITE

June 14 2000: This mirror site will remain available for the forseeable future.
However, please switch to using the new address and change your bookmarks:

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