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Level 3 - Verbs #1

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u (hiragana) omouto think, believe (trans.)

tsu (hiragana) motsuto have, hold, own (trans.)

u (hiragana) auto meet (intrans.)

ru (hiragana) shiruto know

e (hiragana)ru (hiragana) kotaeruto answer, respond (intrans.)

mu (hiragana) nomuto drink (trans.)

u (hiragana) kauto buy (trans.)

u (hiragana) iuto say, tell (trans.)

nu (hiragana) shinuto die (intrans.)

u (hiragana) tsukauto use (trans.)

tsu (hiragana) matsuto wait (trans.)

u (hiragana) narauto learn, study (trans.)

ru (hiragana) okuruto send (trans.)

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