Level 4 Kanji Step-by-Step Guide

Here are the eighty kanji needed for Level 4 of the JLPT, presented a few at a time for easy perusal, contemplation, assimilation and retention.

This set of pages will be useful for those of you who would appreciate a bit more guidance through the earlier stages. I originally envisaged the site as a useful way to practise kanji rather than learn them, but hopefully it will prove suitable for both. I recommend you have a pen and piece of paper ready to complement the experience. Kanji are often much easier to learn if you write them yourself - something I can't help you with - yet.

Step by Step Level 4 Kanji

  1. The numbers
  2. The days and dates
  3. Times
  4. Relative Times
  5. Prepositions
  6. People
  7. Adjectives
  8. Directions
  9. Various #1
  10. Various #2
  11. Verbs #1
  12. Verbs #2

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