Level 2 Kanji - Printer-friendly list - Compact Format

Here are the next 755 kanji needed for the JLPT Level 2, in Japanese alphabetical order by their On-reading. Feel free to print this out and use it as a reference for your own studies. It should take about 4 pages of A4. Some images may not load first time, but if you reload the page, it ought to work. Alternatively, try the batch system for smaller groups of kanji. You can also copy and distribute this list to your friends and fellow students, as long as you tell them where you got it: https://kanjisite.tripod.com/ - thanks. ATTENTION! I have recently noticed (and fixed) an error in the following kanji. The kanji for "yellow" was replicated in place of the kanji for "effect". Please accept my humble apologies. The miscreants are highlighted below with a couple of boxes.

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