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tsu (hiragana) hitotsuone (thing)

tsu (hiragana) futatsutwo (things)

tsu (hiragana) mittsuthree (things)

tsu (hiragana) yottsufour (things)

tsu (hiragana) itsutsufive (things)

tsu (hiragana) muttsusix (things)

tsu (hiragana) nanatsuseven (things)

tsu (hiragana) yattsueight (things)

tsu (hiragana) kokonotsunine (things)

tou10 (things)

hitorione person

futaritwo people

sanninthree people

nananinseven people

ipponone (long, thin) thing

nihontwo (long, thin) things

sanbonthree (long, thin) things

yonhonfour (long, thin) things

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